Navrongo Health Research Center
The Navrongo Health Research Centre (NHRC) is located in the Upper East Region, and serves as one of the Ghana Health Service’s three research and intervention outposts. NHRC has been conducting high quality intervention research for more than 25 years, including work that demonstrated the value of Vitamin A supplementation among children, reducing deaths and severe illness to such an extent that Vitamin A supplementation was subsequently adopted as a priority childhood survival intervention in low- and middle-income countries globally.

The United States Agency for International Development’s Ghana Mission Office is located in Accra, Ghana, and works with the Ghanaian government to address issues surrounding agriculture, education, employment opportunities, poverty, quality of health services, and strengthening local government institutions.

Ghana Health Services
The Ghana Health Service is the organization within the Ghanaian government tasked with providing and managing comprehensive and accessible health services at the regional, district, and sub-district levels. GHS works with the Ministry of Health of Ghana to implement adopted policies. GHS also oversees government hospitals and health centres throughout the country.

Development Gateway
Development Gateway is a D.C. based organization that creates innovative technology, implements data-focused programs, and conducts research and evaluation to further sustainable development. DG creates technological tools for evidence-based advocacy and decision-making.