Community led Programming in Hotspot Communities

The third component of PREMAND is to use the information gathered in steps 1 and 2 to identify communities that can serve as “innovation sites” for community-led projects. One thing that sets this project apart is that the research results are shared with the communities, and community members are given the opportunity and support to come up with their own solutions.  The hypothesis is that this will lead to more social and culturally relevant solutions, and will allow community members to take greater ownership for projects that are born from their own ideas.

Five communities across Sissala East, Kassena-Nankana East & West, and East Mamprusi districts were given maps that demonstrate where deaths and near-misses have occurred, as well as data about social and cultural contributors specific to their communities. They were given small grants and empowered to use this information to develop their own locally-relevant programming.

More information on community interventions can be found in PREMAND’s write-ups for each project site: